Monday, May 31, 2010

police dogs, grass, and progress

Good morning! Boy I am sooo glad it cooled off a little. Last week was brutal with temps. in the 90's some days. I got to see my first thunderstorm, it was really cool but Petunia got all nervous and paced through the house. Dad said we should start her back on Composure, a natural supplement that takes "the edge off" as he said. Petunia said it really made her feel better last year when the big booms came!

Wow Canine Awareness Day at the West Lebanon Feed and Supply was soooo much fun. I got to meet the police dogs that work for the Vermont State Police and Lebanon Police. The were racked no that was "jacked", all fit and fierce. They showed us how they catch the bad guy, sniff out drugs, find missing people!
First there was this bad guy (he was just an actor!)

Then the police dog did his thing!
First he waited patiently.......
He never took his eye off his officer, then when the bad guy started attacking the officer, he sprung to action!!!
These guys are going to be at Small Animal Veterinary Emergency Services (S.A.V.E.S.) open house on June 26th so don't miss them.
Speaking of S.A.V.E.S. the emergency hospital is scheduled to open this coming week. I must really be helping alot because my mom keeps saying "Boy Ollie, you are SOOO much help"!

We have been painting all weekend. Everyone laughs when they look at me, guess I got a little close to the freshly painted walls.

The new xray system has been installed. The doors leading into surgery and xray are automatic so that if someone is carrying a patient the doors will open all by themselves!!!
Stay tuned til next week and could you do me a favor, many people have said that they clicked on my follow info. and it didn't seem to work. Can you give it a try for me? I love making new friends and want to make sure my site is working well. Ta ta for now!

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