Sunday, September 19, 2010

Midnight Sunflowers and DogRunDog

Yooo. So what a busy week this has been. Mom still found time to go out and photograph sunflowers in the dark! She is obsessive about photography. It is like living with the paparazzi!

So we all just got back from DogRunDog and wow am I tired. The S.A.V.E.S. crew teamed up with Stoneybrook Vet. Hospital to provide medical staff for the race. My mom rode a bike and watched for injured pets or their people. Dad ran with me.
Dad and I came in 6th for the 5K run. Mom says we probably would have come in 1st or at least 2nd if I hadn't stopped at every mailbox (what do they expect, I just learned to lift my leg) or kept veering off into the ditch.
My friend Doogan ran with Alistar, Dr. Padgett's boyfriend from Scotland, or Glasgow or something like that. Sophie tried to explain that it was way far away, across a big pond! He is really nice and I was so happy to see Doogan!
El and Petunia walk/ran the course! The staff from S.A.V.E.S. only had one patient to care for the whole day! That's right, PETUNIA! I was sad she hurt herself, but it seemed a little funny that of all the 100 dogs that participated, a S.A.V.E.S. dog was the one injured. Petunia scraped up her back feet running on the pavement. She says "I'm a lady and my feet are very delicate". A lady my foot, you should hear her belch after every meal!
Well mark your calendar for next year, this was a really good time and raised much needed money for the Lucy Mackenzie Humane Society . TaTa for now!

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