Monday, December 6, 2010

holidays and temptation

Yo time has flown. The holidays are really starting to spin by and boy do humans celebrate oddly. A few weeks ago they all dressed up in strange masks and outfits. My mom turned green with excitement. They then went house to house begging for candy...... like common dogs... begging (they constantly yell at me to stop begging!)
So then Thanksgiving rolls around and they spend all day cooking a feast, sit down and gobble it all down, and lay around the rest of the evening complaining about eating to much!

So then I help myself and ohhhhh that didn't go over very well. I got in trouble for catching the bird (off the table), give me a break, I'm a bird dog and come from a long line of bird dogs might I say. That brings me to a word of caution. I had a visit to S.A.V.E.S. for diarrhea and  vomiting (though I can usually be found there on any good day). I was not alone! So many dogs came through the door over the holiday with "garbage can disease".
Eating garbage turns out to be a pretty dangerous practice. Some of the dogs I met over the holiday had eaten more then the bird so to say. Moldy cheese, coffee grounds, spoiled meat.... you name it! When their owners went off to work that morning they were fine, not so when they got home. Vomiting, diarrhea, seizures! Seizures are soooo scary. The dogs were put on intravenous fluids (pumped right into their bodies through a needle into their veins) and anti-seizure medications to try and control the violent shaking and rolling their bodies were doing. I really thought they were going to die but my dad said they should pull through it as long as we could stop the seizures and keep them nourished. He was right and they are all home with their families, hopefully not eating garbage.
Sticks and stones can break your bones but I never thought running with one could cause so much damage. We see quite a few dogs with stick injuries. My grandma always tells my brother not to run with sticks, now I know why. One bad move and the back of your throat doesn't look or feel so good anymore! Scary, but I can't stop running with sticks, it is in my blood.
Get that shopping done pilgrims, 19 days to the big guy comes down your chimney! Remember, West Lebanon Feed and Supply has all the things in the world I could ever dream of for Christmas.....hint, hint....
Tata for now!

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