Tuesday, January 17, 2012

exciting news

Exciting news for Stonecliff Animal Clinic of New Hampshire pets (and their owners of course)! Small Animal Veterinary Emergency Services is offering a discounted emergency fee.
I may not look excited but really I am! So what does this mean? It means that if you are a patient of Stonecliff Animal Clinic of New Hampshire and you are sick or have an emergency when their office is closed you will only be charged $55.00 for the emergency exam. That is amazing!
Well you may ask, "What was the old price", and I would reply "$85.00"!!! SAVES is also offering this new price to all networked veterinary hospitals!
So of course the next question must be what is networked? A networked hospital is one that sends all of their emergencies exclusively to SAVES. These hospitals trust SAVES to provide their patients with the very best care in the Upper Valley when they can't be there for them!
So day or night, rain, sleet, snow or.... sun. If your regular vet can't see you for what ever reason..... SAVES can! They will update your veterinarian on your pet's condition, give advice on aftercare, just like they always have! Give us a call to see if your regular veterinarian is networked!
Wow, that sure was a mouthful! I need a nap.
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