Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February-Battle Bad Breath

I traveled to Syracuse to drop my sister off at school. She had so much junk, I don't think I volunteered for this job. She sat comfortably all snuggled up with her cozy blanket, I was wedged  between her junk and more junk. Six hours I sat without room to breathe! Not really, mom made sure we stopped frequently to stretch my legs. She even once claimed I looked like I was ready to barf. My dad knows when it comes to barfing I can pretty much do it on command. When mom mentioned the barf word he obediently obliged her!
What a fiasco! Her apartment had not been cleaned since the last people moved out in the spring. I didn't mind, there was all sorts of crumbs and stuff to graze on! Mom was freaking out as usual about my scrounging around, afraid I might ingest something poisonous or something. Low and behold she was right (she usually really is....), she caught me sucking on an Advil pain tablet! This could have been really serious. Dad says as few as four or five tablets for a dog my size could cause my liver or kidney to shutdown! There was at least that in the shag carpet alone. What were these college students doing, playing fetch or something?

So the big news is February is National Pet Dental Month! Dental disease is a serious health risk for dogs and cats. Eighty percent of dogs and seventy percent of cats have the start of dental disease by the age of three. The bacteria associated with the buildup of tartar in your pet's mouth also gets into the bloodstream and can damage organs throughout their body. Your pet's heart, liver and kidneys are especially prone to damage from the underlying causes of dental disease.
 During the month of February, Stonecliff Animal Clinic of New Hampshire is offering free dental exams and $20.00 off on dental procedures. Stop in for your free oral exam!

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