Friday, March 9, 2012


Belly Up (

Obesity is the biggest health issue facing dogs and cats. According to the folks at Association for Pet Obesity Prevention 54% of the Nation's pets are overweight and owners are in denial!

So some of you may say "who cares, my pet loves to eat and sleep and he is just doing fine"! Well guess what, we love to do other things then just getting fat and sleeping. We love chasing balls and walks in the park, and just between me and you, if my mom didn't walk me and run me every day she would be a BIG MAMA!
As our weight increases many of us will develop problems with our legs and backs. Since most of the weight is distributed in our belly section, think of how much stress that is just hanging down under us. Some of us, like our two legged partners will develop diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney problems to name a few weight related complications. Worse of all, decreased life expectancy! 
Come on people, we don't have eighty or ninety years to play with like all of you. The average lifespan of a dog my size is approximately 10 years! I want every one of those to be filled with long walks, ball chasing and Petunia tackling! I need to stay healthy!
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At Stonecliff Animal Clinic of New Hampshire they recommend that you bring your pet in as often as you like to weigh them on their scales. The staff there has lots of ideas and weight loss tricks to help get your pet back on the healthy road. For those pets that need a little more incentive for losing the first few pounds, SACNH has some great weight loss diets that help begin the process without your pet feeling like they are getting jipped in their food bowl.
Remember, when we get fat we don't enjoy life! Let's get out their people! Stay tuned, rumor has it that Upper Valley Humane Society is having a fundraiser called "Walk on the Wildside". This event will take place on May 20th at 10am on the Green in Lebanon. Choose a 1 or 4 mile loop on the Rail Trail and help raise funds to support their shelter. Hope to see you all there, I WILL BE!

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