Friday, June 29, 2012

walking for our friends

your Lebanon, New Hampshire veterinarian

So I hate to think about it but sometimes I wonder what would happen to me if I was my mom's only relative and she became sick, I mean really sick. The first thing I think about (because I'm a lab, forgive me) but what if she couldn't get out of bed to feed me in the morning? What if someone only came in every now and then to take care of her and didn't really care about me? I think you can understand why I try not to think about this stuff, it is so sad.

The Visiting Nurse and Hospice of New Hampshire and Vermont is an incredible group of people that support and care for dying patients. The unique program allows a terminally ill patient to stay home and out of the hospital setting.

Lebanon, New Hampshire

Their Pet Piece of Mind Program provides volunteers and financial assistance so that patients can keep their pets with them throughout their final journey. All of us at Small Animal Veterinary Emergency Services in Lebanon, NH and Stonecliff Animal Clinic of NH. think this program is incredible! We already know how important the human-animal bond is, and when better then at the greatest time of need.

your Lebanon, New Hampshire veterinarian

So last night we set out to show our support and raise money for this important program.

Petunia and I met old and new friends, ate some great food, and even took a quick dip in a little pool of water after the walk!

Alison from SACNH brought her little man Elvis. My brother gave Elvis a lift when he got tired(man he has little legs). I think Elvis liked him. Sometimes dogs think my brother is loud and moves way to fast, not Elvis.

Lebanon, New Hampshire veterinarian

If you want to make a difference in someone else's life, consider donating to this incredible program.

Tata for now