Sunday, September 23, 2012

ode to the river

Newbury Veterinary Hospital

your local Hanover and all of the Upper Valley of Vt./NH

Dr. Dan Kelly

Lebanon, NH. emergency vet

24 hour emergency veterinarian

your 24 hour emergency veterinarian

This weekend we went and visited old friends. Newbury Veterinary Hospital in Vermont had their one year anniversary (happy anniversary Dr. Amy Cook). I got to dance with Jessica, pose with Dr. Cook and Carmelita and eat frozen yogurt!
Dr. Cook has turned the hospital (formerly River Valley Veterinary Hospital) into a warm and comfortable place for people and their pets. I was so glad she changed the name, I get so confused with all the "river" named hospitals in the Connecticut River Valley!
If you live up in that neck of the woods (or river) stop in and meet the staff of Newbury Vet. Hospital, and tell um' Oli sent ya!
Tata for now!