Monday, September 17, 2012

Pet CPR and First Aid and the Lebanon Fire Department

Pet CPR and First Aid class at Lebanon Fire Department Fire Safety Day

Wow what a great weekend! The weather was perfect (from a black lab that loves the sun but also loves a cool breeze blowing on my black sundrenched hair) for our outdoor event with the Lebanon and surrounding town fire departments.
your 24 hour vet in Vermont and New Hampshire
Brutus's Saviors
These two lovely ladies were the ambulance personnel that brought Brutus (our namesake for our emergency pet fund) to S.A.V.E.S. on that sad day. They were trained for human CPR but came to the event to find out about pet CPR.
24 hour emergency vet hospital in Lebanon, New Hampshire
CPR with Wheezy
So many people tried to make my new friend Wheezy's heart to beat again. My dad helped people and kids learn the basics about life-saving resuscitation on their pets. I did a lot of demonstrations of playing dead for pieces of my favorite smokey cheese (I'm a lab, I'll do anything over and over again for food!)
Lebanon, New Hampshire and Vermont
Man I'm a patient dog!
One of the key things to remember (I learned this on Saturday) is if your pet is injured, approach cautiously). Even though your best friend would never think of hurting you, when we are injured instinct takes over. Before moving us place a muzzle around our muzzle, just to be safe. I know I look foolish but it is all in the name of education!
Dad is going to hold a first aid class for anyone interested in learning many of these techniques in the near future. He is going to go over what you should do if your pet is bleeding, burned, poisoned, has stopped breathing or their heart isn't beating. Give Small Animal Veterinary Emergency Services a call at 603-306-0007 if you would like to attend.
your 24 hour vet emergency hospital of New Hampshire and Vermont
and please don't forget.... smoke detectors can save you and your pet's life! Make sure they have fresh batteries and your family has a plan for if they go off. Stop by S.A.V.E.S. in Lebanon, NH. for some stickers to put on your windows to let fire fighters know you have pet's in your house.
I'll be honest, I didn't like this "Wheezy" character when she first showed up at my house!
But once dad showed me how to do CPR and I gave it a whirl I gained a
whole lot of respect for her!
and learn first aid and CPR, both for human family as well as your pet's. I leave you with a little video of my trials and tribulations of learning to play dead.....
Tata for now!