Friday, October 12, 2012

in just a second everything can change....

your Norwich and Hanover NH emergency vet

In just a few seconds you and your pet's life could change forever. One moment they're fine, and then something goes terribly wrong.

They wander into the garage, or across the yard to the neighbors. It is hard to watch us all the time, we move fast, eating and drinking anything we come across.... half the time you don't even see us drink from the puddles or eat the dead bird lying in the grass.

Dietary indiscretion, that's what my dad calls it. So we get a little diarrhea, vomit a few times. My dad will recommend that you starve us for a day, before you know it we are good as gold.

We aren't always that lucky with our eating habits. Just this week my dad took a rock out of one dogs intestines, a squeaker out of another..... they were lucky, they will heal and go on being dogs. Some of us won't get that chance.

This time of year brings a whole different danger to us adventurers. As people get ready for winter, closing up the windows, sealing up the doors, winterizing I think you humans call it, we could become your victim.
Did you know that draining your antifreeze from your car may kill us?

A very small quantity and a very short amount of time. A cat walks through the garage and a small puddle of antifreeze. When they clean their feet by licking, they can ingest enough antifreeze to kill them. Heck, a puddle of antifreeze on the floor, yummy. The taste is sweet and irresistible.
Once we drink it we start acting drunk, stumbling and get depressed. Soon we start to shake and seize. We drink water, large quantities of it and then we vomit. We might start feeling better in a day or so, but not for long, our kidneys now are completely destroyed.

Please share this valuable information to everyone you know. Keep antifreeze out of our reach. Check under cars frequently for puddles and clean them up right away. Keep pets out of the garage, don;t let them wander to the neighbors.

Time is the essence for survival. If you suspect antifreeze poisoning, you must seek veterinary care immediately. If your pet wanders and comes home one day showing these signs, you can not afford to take the "wait and see" attitude. Every minute counts.