Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Eat Your Vegetables

Vegetables and fruit can be a great way to reward your dog! Instead of reaching for the high fat treats, think fresh.  There are so many different low-fat food items that we all enjoy everyday that are just as appealing to our four-legged friends. But please remember, not all fruits and vegetables are safe for them, in fact some can even seriously harm them.
Below is a great list of safe fresh treats to let your pet sample. Remember to wash the items to remove any pesticides, and go slow, one is great but overdoing any item could cause dietary issues such as diarrhea.

Safe Fruits for Dogs:
Apples: remove the seeds and core (small traces of cyanide in pit so do avoid) can be gassy
Bananas: high sugar so limit amount
Watermelon: remove the rind and seeds to prevent blockages
Strawberries: high in sugar so limit amount
Oranges: peel removed along with seeds
Blueberries: super food rich in antioxidants
Pineapple: a few chunks but sweet, remove prickly outside
Pear: remove seeds and core (small traces of cyanide in pit so do avoid)
Peaches: remove pit (small traces of cyanide in pit so do avoid)
Mango: remove the pit (small traces of cyanide in pit so do avoid)

Safe Vegetables for Dogs:
Carrots: and great for teeth
Beans: right out of the garden!
Broccoli: only the stems
Cucumbers: low fat and boost energy levels
Celery: healthy heart and might even fight cancer
Potatoes: boiled and cubed
Sweet Potato: high fiber and vitamins washed, cooked and cubed

Avoid at all Cost:
Grapes and Raisins

Just remember, treats in moderation! Some every now and then. Make sure you have a good dental hygiene regime already in place for your pets teeth. Brushing or rinsing once a day can help keep those chompers healthy, shiny and bright!

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