Monday, May 3, 2010


Hi, welcome to my blog! I am a 14 week old black lab puppy that came to live with my adopted family 6 weeks ago. I was born in Ohio at Kerrybrook Kennel in January along with 10 other brothers and sisters. From the start I new something was different about me. I also know I was mom's favorite.
my first family
So in March I left my mom and travelled to Vermont. I was in a crate for hours until finally I arrived at the Burlington Airport. My new mom and brother and sister met me in the airport. They laughed and said they heard me barking before the airplane even landed. I was so mad that no one would let me out of my crate. After all the paperwork was signed my new mom carried my heavy crate outside and way out to the only small grass patch in the whole place. She then realized that the crate was sealed and scissors would be needed to free me. She lugged me back into the airport, I barked the whole way. Some ladies behind the information booth leaped over the counter to cut the bands on my crate, they were so excited to meet me I think they would have chewed the crate open if they hadn't any scissors. I loved them!
that's me
So any ways, that was six weeks ago and really is a faded memory. I was such a baby back then. I heard mom and dad talking about the plane ride and how that really took alot out of me. They said it was a week before I started acting like a normal puppy. I was so scared of loud noises and oh man did I have diarrhea. Mom says my stool is finally formed, strange. I looked up the meaning of stool and it is something you sit on.........
If you want great information on pets travelling by air I would recommend Continental Airlines website. They do a nice job giving you information to prepare your pet for travel. Another great resource for travel guidelines can be found at the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association)website.
So I have settled into my day to day routine in Vermont. My mom and dad have a veterinary hospital, and I go to work with them just about every day. I love being at the hospital but other animals that come for a visit are so scared. I love my dad, he is the best and I tell all his patients just that! They don't listen to me because they say I'm just a baby. Someday they will realize I'm right. Tootles...:)

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