Monday, May 10, 2010

Wow, What a Week!

Howdy, boy has this past week has been busy. My mom and dad always say "where's the week gone?", and I wondered what that meant but I think I am beginning to understand. In fact, this week I have learned so much and met so many new friends.

Some of them are very strange and smell funny! My most fun friends are two cats that live at my house. "Hoot" or "Hoot Bing Kelly" which sounds like "Pooping Kelly" is grey and very fun to chase!

I also noticed for the first time that there are things up in the sky! Mom says they are birds.....huh!

The other thing I have learned this week is not all things are called by the same name by all people. Take my name for example. I am called Oliver when Mom is mad at me, Oli when she is happy and Oli-bally when she is really happy to see me! My dad calls me Oliver with I'm sure a capital O. My oldest brother calls me  Oli and my little brother calls me Mr. Ooper. My littlest sister calls me Oh Liver! Danielle at the office calls me Lughead or something like that. Odd isn't it? And they expect me to know my NAME!

So because I am sooooo smart I know that all those names mean ME!

Another important lesson I learned this week, this plant is poisonous. Mom calls it Rhubarb and she make really yummy stuff with it but she tells me not to chew on it! At first I thought that was because she was saving it all for herself! Actually the leaves are the poisonous part and the stalks are what they are cooking and actually eating. Huh!

I spend alot of my afternoons at sporting events. My mom is always photographing something and in the afternoons it is usually kids chasing balls! It seems funny to me that people like to chase balls as much as dogs.

And last but not least my mom and dad's new hospital is coming along pretty fast now. S.A.V.E.S., Small Animal Veterinary Emergency Services! My mom came up with the name.  Mom says dad may be an excellent veterinarian and incredible surgeon, but she is the creative force behind the whole thing that keeps it all interesting! The hospital is going to be open 24-hours a day, every single day of the year! Luckily they have some really great people joining them or they sure would be working long hours. They are also going to have a training area where dogs can learn obedience as well as practice agility on a rubberized training area. A really nice physical therapist is going to be giving doggy massages and stuff like that as well as helping dogs move more easily after injuries in a heated underwater treadmill. Even my friend Petunia could use the treadmill to lose some weight!

Well have a great week, Tootles!

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