Wednesday, June 30, 2010


S.A.V.E.S. open house was a huge success. About 250 to 300 people came through the new facility throughout the day. Almost everyone had a dog with them, I met so many new friends.

Just because the hospital was having a big celebration doesn't mean emergencies just stopped during that time. This poor pup got stepped on by his horse. He was the first to arrive at the beginning of the hospital tours. Lots of people got to see his xray and watch the doctors cast his leg. Now I know why my mom turns purple when I go in the horse pasture!
Children brought their broken stuffed animals for the doctors to fix. The people at Lebanon Police Department brought S.A.V.E.S. a yummy cake.

It not only tasted great, but look how cool it looked! Hopefully that's not me and Hoot on the top!!!

Some really nice men and my dad cut a ribbon across the doorway of the new hospital (people really do some strange things).
An oversized pair of scissors are used to cut an oversized ribbon! Huh....

The open house was a great success!

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