Monday, July 5, 2010

summertime, toads, and muscle pain

Summertime is by far my favorite time of the year (that may change since I haven't experienced fall or winter yet!) I love helping my mom garden, eating deer flies, chasing ants, squishing spiders (I learned that bees should be left alone).
We spend alot of time out at the pond on these warm days. Wow there are so many strange looking creatures I have met. Some fly, some hop, some swim, some fly, hop and swim!!
Petunia and I have so much fun with the frogs in the pond. I think the frogs have fun also. We can spend hours walking around the edge and just before we can grab one, in the pond they leap. As we pass they scurry back onto the shore and wait for the next time we pass! Oh what fun.
Dad says these guys wont hurt me if I get one in my mouth but watch out for the toads. Toads are brown and have bumpy warts all over them. Luckily we don't have Bufo marinus or Bufo alvarius around here. These bad boys are found in Florida and the southwest and have known to kill a dog or cat that has gotten to close. The toads that live around here secrete a milky substance from some glands behind their eyes that irritate the mouth and can cause some irregularities with the heart. Years ago dad had a patient that had played with a toad, the dog had a very bad reaction to this secretion and my dad wasn't able to save him. Moral of the story, I am staying away from all toads!
My sister was thinking this little guy might be her prince. She is soooo strange, and look at the look on this poor little frogs face, he is definitely thinking this is no princess!
As you can see, I have gotten over my fear of water. Summertime is for splashing and jumping!
Not sure why she always grabs her face??
My brother loves football so much he EVEN plays it in the pond!
With all of this leaping and swimming a guy can get sore and achy. Humans have a hard time figuring out if we are feeling muscle aches or pains. Did you know that if your dog or cat shows any changes in normal behavior they may be trying to tell you they are in pain? Other then the obvious signs such as limping, did you know that reluctance to get up in the morning, not wanting to play, and loss of appetite can be signs that Fido is hurting?
If your dog becomes grumpy with other pets, seeks solitude instead of lying next to a housemate, or appears grouchy or irritated by those around him he may be trying to tell you he isn't feeling well. Seek out an experts advice, Dad always says "a person's first instinct has saved many a pet".
TaTa for now!

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