Thursday, July 29, 2010

summertime and destruction

Wow the summer is flying by! My mom took all the kids plus one down to the Bahamas to finish a photography project which left dad and me to hang. Boy was I bored. It's not that dad isn't fun.....just really busy all the time. In the early morning he would read the newspaper or surf the web and I would travel around the house bringing him "things". I was trying to get his attention but man when he is concentrating forget it. Finally he would look down when the pile next to him grew hard to ignore. He finally figured out it was my breakfast time, or I needed to go outside to never forgets!
So dad spent a lot of time at the new SAVES hospital, which meant so did I! I was left to myself when he was busy seeing a sick patient, not a good idea. Not sure what the big deal was, so I ate the computer keyboard, some pens, lots of paper, the telephone cord, the corner of a chair (I liked that the best). Dad said I graduated to a kennel when I'm at the hospital, not sure how this is a reward.

Meanwhile while the rest of the family was off exploring the world (mom called it work), dad was seeing dogs and cats with emergencies, and I was figuring out how to get out of my kennel.
Dad went and spend a couple days with the family towards the end of the week and left me with Dr. Noll and Padgett. (he sure needs to learn how to "dress down").
Everyone is home now, life is starting to get back to normal. I started "dog camp" with Charlene Swainamer at the SAVES building. Mom says it will help me be not so naughty, I think it is just plain fun meeting a bunch of pups my age and the work is more like play. Charlene is going to help me learn not to jump on people, and stop my brain from racing and not thinking much. Dr. Padgett says when she was in vet school in Glasgow, whenever they did a CT scan on a lab the doctors would joke "wow there really is a brain in there". I don't think that is very funny!
Ta ta for now!

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