Sunday, August 15, 2010

summer, sweet summer, and teenage naughtyness

Summer, sweet summer! I have had so much fun these last few weeks. Between swimming and hanging at the new hospital S.A.V.E.S. I have met so many new friends. One thing I have learned, the world is a dangerous place. Each day I meet pets that have gotten into one perdicament after another. I know I will not bite a porcupine if my life depended on it! Cars, no thanks, I plan on riding in them not standing in fromt of them. Stop biting at the bees, stay away from garbage, NEVER keep running when you hit barbwire, and don't run with sticks in your mouth (not sure I can actually abide by that one).
I have been out of control lately. I really try and do all the things I have been taught over the last months but for some reason my mind doesn't feel like it! Mom says that most black labs show up at the humane society right around now (7 months old) because people grow tired of the naughtyness. Guess I am in my teenage phase of life, my poor parents are now dealing with four of us!!! I am really thankful that my family continues to work through this with me. Though I haven't told her to her face, sorry Soph for losing control when I chase you and nipping you, I didn't really mean it!
I have just finished 5 weeks of Level 1 obedience training with Charlene Swainamer of All Paws Up. The classes are held each Wednesday night at the new S.A.V.E.S. facility. It has been so much fun! My friend Doogan is in class, and a really pretty yellow lab named Daisy (she has more energy then ME), and a bunch of other cool dogs! We graduate next week, I hope I graduate......Charlene keeps telling mom that I am really smart, just naughty right now.
I think the key is lots of exercise mixed in with some discipline. I know my mind is much more focused after a good run. I have been trying to get mom to take me up to the top of Wildcat Mountain in Pinkham Notch in NH. They allow dogs up the gondolas to the top, then you can hike around and enjoy incredible views. Mom said Stowe Vermont also allows 4-legged travelers. Check out Pet Friendly Travel and Hiking With Your Dog, for some great ideas on hikes and more. So you don't have to leave your best friend home after all. Toot-ta-loo!

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