Saturday, August 21, 2010

grandma, graduation, and goodbye to casper

This week has been filled with lots of fun and some sadness. I remember listening to my mom talking to a woman who had asked her how she deals with all of the emotions involved with helping animals. She had replied that it was hard, grateful for such a great team of professionals to work with, but sometimes it can be really sad.
Mz. T was a patient that came in on emergency just recently. She was unable to lift her head, could not even muster a small meow. I have never seen such a sick cat before. The doctors diagnosed Autoimmune Disease, Mz. T's red blood cells (a necessary component for survival) where almost non-existent. Time was of the essence, calls were made, a donor was located and within an hour Mz. T had a fresh batch of blood circulating through her body. The medical staff at SAVES worked night and day on her. She was injected with drugs to suppress her immune system, and other stuff to help her fight this disease. I watched and hoped for her recovery.
This photo was taken weeks later when Mz. T came back to have her blood levels checked! She is a healthy, happy kitty. For the first time she walked around the hospital  showing us her strut (I wish someone would have let me chase her, cats like that). I am so happy for her!

I have a GRANNY! Well I actually have two grannies but I got to meet one this week. She and her husband traveled from Ontario for a visit. Mom wouldn't let me run around them to much because she thought I might knock them over and break someones hip. (that is a common accident in old people) Let me tell you, that granny can hold her own! At eighty something she can dance a dance like nobodies biz. I really liked them, she said I was beautiful (I think she meant handsome)
Have ever wondered why some things have wood for skin, others have skin without much hair? How about why some things grow so tall and don't move and other things like cats move so fast? Just thinking......
I also wonder how my parents think if they leave a plate of food that looks like this unattended, I wont be tempted to try it??
I don't like tears. I guess tears aren't so bad if people are crying because they're happy. My mom cried really hard when dad gave me to her. She was so happy. Today my sister cried and I didn't like it.
Last week a man came to the hospital wanting to put a bird to sleep (they call that euthanize). He agreed to giving the hospital the bird to try and fix if it was possible but he didn't have any money and the owner of the bird had gone off to prison for a while.
My sister fell in love with Casper instantly. She would try and encourage him to eat foods that were good for him. His diet had consisted of cornflakes and milk and chicken nuggets the man had revealed. My sister read every article she could find on caring for birds. She had learned that if you wanted to get a bird to try new foods you should sit with it while you ate and sometimes that would encourage the bird to also eat. It worked. She also learned from the man that Casper would whistle the tune from an old television sitcom :Gomer Pile. Sure enough when she played the tune he responded.
We brought the little bird to Dr. Martin at the Country Animal Hospital in Bethel, VT. She took one look at Casper and knew we were not dealing with a healthy bird. The man had said he had thought Casper had been injured, but was not sure how. Casper had ruptured air sacks and his little body was filling up with escaped air from his lungs. Dr. Martin felt the kindest thing to do for Casper was to euthanize, we did not want him to suffer.
We left the hospital with an empty birdcage and a small little box with his lifeless body. My sister was so sad. My hope is Casper is now flying free, doing the things that birds like to do, without the confines of his cage, or having to rely on a human for proper care. Rest in Peace......Oli

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