Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Happy Birthday to meeeeee. I just celebrated my first birthday! My family gave me a big, soft, cushy bed. It is huge. I still try to crawl into Petunia's little pink bed in the kitchen (everyone laughs at me, I'm not sure why). Boy have I grown.
Guess I'm not a pup anymore. I have learned so much over the past year. I don't poop in the house anymore (Petunia still does if she is mad at someone), I only chew on my toys (and my little brother because he teases me a lot), I really try not to jump on people,  most of the time I try not to pull too hard on the leash, and I can sit in the recovery bed at S.A.V.E.S. and not jump out for hours!
I love my life in Vermont. I have the best family, my dad is the best doctor and surgeon, I adore my mom. I miss my oldest sister and love visiting her at college. My oldest brother is so patient and takes me in the truck for rides every chance he gets. My other sister knows me better then anyone, almost like she talks dog talk. My little brother is the best to play with, maybe by the time I turn two I will be able to accept that he is higher on the hierarchy chart then I am!

I love snow, chasing cats and flies, stealing mittens, and sleeping by the warm wood stove! I just love my life! I spend most of my days at the emergency hospital. Soon we will be celebrating S.A.V.E.S. birthday. I have met so many friends. Probably the biggest mistake I see each day is pets that don't stay out of the path of cars!
My dad fixed this broken leg with a thing called a bone plate. During surgery he re-aligns the bone (puts it back together correctly) then drills and screws a bone plate onto the broken part (fracture site) to hold all the pieces in place until the bone heals.

My dad fixes lots of broken bones each day. After surgery Judy Coates does rehabilitation on the injured limb. She is so nice and gentle. All of her patients love her and she makes them feel so much better with this laser thing and her stretches and stuff. Even Petunia had an appointment with her the other day. Petunia had been hit by a car years ago and now she has developed some arthritis. Mom says if she lost some weight it would be easier on her joints! Petunia loves to eat.
Tata for now!

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