Monday, April 4, 2011

lost with quills

early morning light
 I love Sundays, lazy, sleepy, hanging out Sundays. It is the one day at least one of my parents doesn't work and we have a yummy big breakfast, go for a long walk, play games...... I love Sundays.
Lately this hasn't been the case. SAVES has been so busy, AND my parents just got back from a continuing education meeting in Toronto whatever that means. All we do is work lately..... at least there is never a dull moment.

While they were gone I didn't really get my walks consistently, my dinner was NOT at the required 5pm, and my brother and sister argued non-stop over where I was going to sleep!

BOY, they wore me out. I think next time I'm going to ask for mom to take me to Mountain View Pet Resort in Canaan, NH , my mom says they are sooo good at making animals feel at home, all our clients talk about them! I was also thinking they could send me to The Inn at Restful Paws, Sturbridge, Mass., they even have a bone-shaped indoor pool! I'm so there.

Until the next time I'm going to keep on doing what I do best, napping. Speaking about homes, our little stray that had a very close encounter with a porcupine is so very sad. Her parents never came back to get her so now we are hoping someone else has room to love her. My sister calls her Gilly, mom calls her Sweet Baby, I call her Sugar (she lifts her lips up at me, probably because she likes the quiet non-obnoxious type my mom says).

Sugar Sugar
If your interested please give SAVES a call at 603.306.0007. Which reminds me, next weekend the Food Drive/Blood Drive is going on at SAVES. Drop off a bag of dog or cat food for the elderly and bring your dog for a quick blood test to see if he/she is compatible to become a blood donor. If her/his blood is a universal blood type then they can become a member of our Hero A-List!! There are some other criteria like your pup must be between the ages of 1-6 years old, good health, never had a litter of pups, etc. Call the hospital for all of the requirements. If you are a donor, each year you get some freebies such as heartworm tests and other blood tests! Please become a hero, I am!!!

Tata for now

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