Monday, April 11, 2011

seniors and food, superstitions, and dumb tricks

Spring has come to the Upper Valley, the weather was warmer this weekend and my swimming pond is only covered by half with ice. My family is very backwards, they rake the leaves in the spring while other families rake them up in the fall!
The food drive at SAVES for Long Trail Canine Rescue and Meals for Paws, a Worthy Cause was unbelievable! Over 800lbs. of dry food and 360 cans were dropped off at the hospital on Saturday. The mound just kept growing. Mom says that everyone, but especially older people benefit so much from the companionship of dogs and cats. She also said that just petting one of us can lower your blood pressure! Seniors on fixed incomes have trouble finding money to feed their pets, so instead they sacrifice and feed them their own meals. Some interesting facts and links can be found at the Pet Project for Pets. Another cool site is the The Delta Society, improving human health through service and therapy animals.
I think I was put on this Earth to be my families source of amusement! First I get in trouble for digging a hole in the backyard, then they all laugh at me cause I'm covered in dirt! Humiliating!
Not sure what the big deal is, there is plenty of dirt for everyone! I read somewhere that some people eat dirt, maybe my mom should give it a try and she will get off my back!

The horses never get in trouble and they're always digging up the pasture. Geeez. My sister came home the other day and said she had heard a superstition that black dogs were bad luck! Well I may be bad luck but at least I'm not a grocery hog!

Not mentioning any names or anything.

Guess I don't mind being their source of humor. Each time they have me do this trick, I'm suppose to toss the bone in the air and catch it in my mouth, that's right, I miss and gobble it down and they get another bone and do it all over again. So whose the smart one?
Tata for now

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