Thursday, June 23, 2011

patience, bugs, and backyard dangers

School is out.... that means more time for swimming, chasing my ball, frisbee lessons (mom thinks I'm going to be the next champion frisbee dog..... I'm scared of it hitting me.....) long walks... bugs.
My skin is sensitive. I hate bugs. Mom is trying a new product that is all natural from Vetri-science a local Vermont company. Vetri-Repel is a all natural repellent for dogs, cats and even horses. It is a blend of natural oils, citronella, lemongrass oil, cinnamon oil, sesame oil, and castor oil, all stuff mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas aren't suppose to like. Mom says it really seems to work.Unfortunately you do need to apply it frequently but it comes in a really easy to use spray and wipes (my sister pretends to spray me all the time, spritz...spritz she says... no wonder mom calls me her neuroses boy). This company also makes the thunderstorm medication that Petunia takes called Composure!
I've been getting into trouble for my over-zealous swimming behavior. Sometimes I just get so excited I don't listen very well. In the water I treat everyone like their my conquest (my world full of sitting ducks). When my mom tries to push me away so I don't scratch her I try to bite her.... I thought she was trying to drown me and I firmly believe in survival of the fittest. I scratched my brother on the back and man did he throw a fit... guess I did draw some blood. Now when their in the water I have to stay away or sit on the edge of the pond and wait until their done..... not fair.
My mom says once I learn some patience I will be a little easier to be around in the water.... gosh I hope I hurry up and learn some.....

When were all hanging out my sister likes to bug me. She says she is teaching me patience. I'm glad she is in Paris right now..... but actually I really miss her doing foolish things with me. I can balance just about anything on my nose thanks to her (not sure why they think this is so important... whatever, if it makes them happy).

Next week is the Furry Scurry fundraiser for the Hospice program in Vermont and New Hampshire. Lots of people have come into SAVES and pledged money for me to walk. If you want to join us on the walk or donate to a great cause come to White River Junction, VT. on Thursday June 30th around 5:30pm for registration and the walk starts at 6:00pm. The Hospice Program helps care for the pets of patients in the program. Much needed food, medications and other stuff that their owner is to sick to be able to deal with. SAVES and Stonecliff Animal Clinic of New Hampshire both provide discounted or free care for these patients.
Just about every day I hear people talk about how they can't imagine eating some of the things that dogs and cats manage to swallow. Personally, I have watched my people eat some things that truly resemble many things we eat that they are so grossed out about (only difference is they put it on a plate). Seriously though, with the summer season comes some real serious threats to our less particular palates. In the last two weeks alone we have had 4 cases of suspected mushroom poisonings. The summer has been sooo wet, and mushrooms thrive in this type of weather. Check your backyard, they seem to be popping up everywhere.
Ninety-eight percent of the mushrooms are non-toxic, but we can't tell the difference. Many of them smell fishy to us....yummmm. If we eat a poisonous one it could cause liver damage and death. If you suspect your pet has eaten a mushroom get them to the vets immediately. Signs include vomiting, diarrhea, twitching, drooling, wobbling, and seizures. Pets can also hallucinate from the toxin. Best safeguard, remove all mushrooms from your yard as they sprout up. Remember, if your pet has survived a mushroom poisoning, they don't learn to avoid them in the future (it's the fish man!). Time is of the essence! A couple other common plant poisonings for this time of year are tomato and rhubarb leaves, all lilies and Black Walnuts. If you have a Black Walnut tree the nuts, as they decompose, grow a mold that can cause serious sickness and seizures. Rake them up!
Well, hope to see you next week at the Furry Scurry....TaTa for now!

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