Monday, July 11, 2011

summertime, fireworks, phobias and celebrations

July is really heating up! Some of the wildest storms. On July 4th a storm rolled into the area like I had never witnessed. The lightening was everywhere, thunder came in bangs. Mom said it was a "man-made" storm of sorts.... fireworks.
Petunia was very scared, I don't know what the big deal was. My parents always talk about how they hope I don't learn from Petunia. My mom says it's kind of like once when she was on an airplane flight over Canada. Mom always loved to fly and as a kid her family traveled around the world by plane. Well one particular flight didn't go so well. Thunder and lightening crashed around the plane and a young actress from Montreal sat next to mom digging her fingernails into mom's arm and screaming "were going to die". Mom told dad that it suddenly dawned on her that maybe they WERE about to die and actually mom was the numb one. For a long time after that mom was afraid of flying. She luckily got over that and travels any chance she gets.

I really don't want to be afraid like Petunia is. Thunderstorm phobia in dogs is a very real thing. Some people give their pet a sedative, a drug that makes them relax and not care about the storms. My sister gives Petunia a natural supplement called Composure made by a Vermont company called Vetri-science. Composure comes as a liquid or a little chew treat and you give it about a half hour before a storm hits. This company also makes some natural supplements for arthritis and all sorts of other conditions. My sister also wraps Petunia up in a blanket snugly. She really calms down when she's all wrapped up! My mom also believes that dogs with thunderstorm phobias may have a bad tooth bothering them. Dad always smiles when she says this because when she first told him she had read an article once about thunderstorm phobias and the correlation with bad teeth he rolled his eyes. Mom has pointed out a number of dogs that have come in for a dental that also have thunderstorm problems and low and behold they have also had a fractured or rotten tooth! Something about the air pressure changes or something.

My sister got back from Paris and all she brought me was this lousy airplane blanket. ( I actually really love the blanket but my brother said he saw a t-shirt once that said something about that on it). She told us all about her trip and showed lots of pictures of her frolicking in France. I think I would like to go there, they have outdoor cafes where people can bring their dogs! Petairways is a pet only airline that fly to many major U.S. cities. Maybe someday they'll fly to Europe, I'm so on there!

Until then I'm gonna just hang out under my hammock, enjoying what ever the summer brings! My friend Bailey gets to go to the ocean in Maine. My mom says I can go someday. There are lots of beaches in Maine that let dogs visit. On they list all the beaches and hotels and campgrounds and lots of other cool stuff that dogs are allowed to do.

The Furry Scurry was so much fun. Petunia needed to be carried that last bit. I keep telling her if she would stop sneaking the cat food she would lose some weight and not feel so tired. She is obsessive! Our next big event is scheduled for July 30th. Mark your calendar, SAVES open house and first birthday celebration is sure to be lots of fun. We will have food, prizes, demonstrations, tours, and did I say food! If you would like to be a part of this day please give us a call at SAVES 603.306.0007, we would love to have you join  us. We have room for vendors, artists, educational displays. July 30th, 10am-2pm, 63 Evans Drive, Lebanon, NH. Be there or be square!
Tata for now!

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