Tuesday, September 20, 2011

left in the dark

we have been left in the dark........
a short synopsis... a dump truck exiting a construction site next door to SAVES took down the telephone lines when the driver forgot to put the dump bed down.
all telephone lines to SAVES and Stonecliff of New Hampshire were cut Monday.
a telephone call to Fairpoint to have lines transferred to another telephone until the lines were repaired.
it is now Tuesday morning, 7:30am the line has been finally call forwarded to another telephone.
why you may ask?
after literally hours of explaining to Fairpoint how important it is for an emergency/critical care facility to have a telephone...... falling on deaf ears..... excuses.... no supervisor to okay transfer, to dark out, our technician may get electrocuted.....it's cloudy, it's raining, it break time....... still can't find the supervisor....
we are so sorry if you needed us last night....... so sorry.... we really hope the problem is corrected soon.
one positive note..... call 603.306.0007 and your call will now be transferred to a real human being.....

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