Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dance With Me

Ok so I know I have talked about it before but chubbiness kills! The obesity epidemic for us four-legged types is becoming a major headline. Most pet owners think that their pet is at an ideal weight. Truth is most of the time the owners are looking through rose colored spectacles. The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention claim that approximately 20% of all cat and dog owners think their pet has a perfect body weight, when really their pet is obese!

So whats the big deal, we love to eat and we get great enjoyment out of eating! I am a Lab, I live to eat! Well what if a 12lb. Yorkshire Terrier was equivalent to a 218lb. human female? What if your 15lb. cat was equivalent to a 5'9" man weighing 254 lbs.? Check out this nifty comparison chart at the The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention's site. They have lots of useful and interesting information but please remember, always consult your veterinarian about your pet's health care.

The bottom line is we and our human friends are growing sideways at an alarming rate! So many health conditions start to rear their ugly little heads when our waists start to expand. Diabetes is a huge one! Osteoarthritis, ouch! Kidney disease, oh my aching kidneys! The worst one in my eyes, shortened life expectancy. So you get by without a major in your face disease.... but all along, silently that extra weight is stealing your precious time!

People are always saying that it is unfair that our animals only live a short time compared to their own life expectancy. Well people and pet's, lets do it! Get out there, dance the dance, have some fun, get moving!

If Petunia can do it, trust me anyone can! She has officially lost 5 lbs.!!!! PETUNIA HAS REACHED HER GOAL WEIGHT!!!

With a little help from her friends (and some BIG help from Hill's Prescription RD diet) she has reached her ideal weight. We are so proud of her and the best part is the RD diet is formulated to make her feel like she isn't getting cheated out of a big meal!
Good Work Petunia! Now let's get out there and keep it off!!! Dance anyone?

Tata for now