Thursday, June 7, 2012

pretty poison

From a dog's perspective I don't quite understand why my mom can dig in the dirt but I can't! She spends hours digging things up, then she turns around and buries it? Very strange behavior. But then when I join her she becomes very upset. Guess this is what humans consider as their "alone time".

I learned this week at Small Animal Veterinary Emergency Services that dogs and cats digging in the garden could be a deadly act. So many of those pretty flowers and plants poking out of the ground are extremely poisonous. Beyond the neatly trimmed edge of the flower bed lurks wild mushrooms. Haven't you noticed right after a good rain the lawn in your yard is sprouting fungus?

My dad, known as Dr. Kelly to most people, spends much of his time in Lebanon, New Hampshire working as a detective. He is a really smart guy when it comes to medicine, but between you and me he isn't smart enough to talk to me!

 The veterinary staff works against the clock everyday to try and save pets that have eaten a poisonous product or plant. So how can this be prevented? Check out the ASPCA's website to learn more about which plants are poisonous and which aren't. They even have pictures! Some of the plants you probably have never even heard of but did you know that the tomato plant and onions are poisonous to us?

Call your veterinarian immediately if you suspect that your pet has eaten a poisonous plant! Timing is everything.
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