Thursday, October 4, 2012

lions...and tigers... and fleas OMG

your norwich and hanover veterinarian

The days are getting shorter.... by the time my mom and I get home there is hardly any time to play outside. My brother is always playing football, my sister is ALWAYS doing homework and telling everyone to be quiet.... my mom always takes the time to do something with me each day though. I can't complain, during the day I lay under her desk at S.A.V.E.S. and watch the assortment of different dogs and cats come into the hospital with varying degrees of problems. I meet so many friends.
Fleas are a huge problem this time of year. Many dogs and cats are infested with fleas, and they itch constantly until their skin is oozing and crusty. The agony they must feel as well as the serious diseases they may contract from these little parasites.
**Flea Allergy Dermatitis is a severe allergic reaction to the flea bite. If you have this problem it only takes one little flea to cause a full blown reaction. The sores from itching can lead to bacterial and fungal infections if left untreated.
**Fleas transmit tapeworms to pets and to people
**Fleas can transmit a bacterial disease called cat scratch fever (bartonellosis) to people
**Fleas can suck so much blood from very young or old dogs and cats that they can actually become anemic and die.
Fleas survive very well inside your house through the winter. What should you do?
***Treat your pet with a once a month flea treatment such as Vectra or Revolution.
***Never use over-the-counter flea sprays or powders, these can be so dangerous to your pet
***Never "bomb" your house with insecticides, This is poison to you humans as well as us pets
***Infested house? Treat your pets with the once a month product. Place a flea collar in your vacuum cleaner bag and vacuum your house every day for a week to suck up adults, larva and eggs that are on your floors, in your furniture and all over the place.
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