Tuesday, March 19, 2013

claws and spit

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I never really have gotten the hang of "hanging" with cats. When I try to get friendly they spray spit on me, make weird screaming noises and then run. I always get in trouble when I chase them... isn't that what they want? Why would they run if they didn't want to get chased?

"You either like um' or you don't" I hear my dad's clients say all the time at the veterinary hospital. I really understand why! Cats are finicky, self-centered, egotistical, and uppity! From a dogs perspective they're nothing but spit and claws!

Even the pigs love them! What gives? Everyone gets along with these stuck-up critters except me. I get yelled at every time I try to play with one of them!

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So how many of you have tried to introduce a new cat into your household and lived through more grief then you care to remember? You gotta handle them with patience, give them time, caterer to their whims.... (I hear the veterinarians talking with clients all the time about trying to make two cats get along). My remedy, get a dog!

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Here are some helpful tips to add a new little fur-ball to your happy, stress-free household (or just get a dog).

Oliver's S.O.S. Plan

Step One:
Slow introduction. For the first few days keep them in separate rooms. Let their yucky smells permeate their surroundings.
Step Two:
Once a few days have passed, switch the rooms and allow them to get use to each other's smells. Groom them with each others brushes to further introduce the smells. Caution: bring their own litter boxes with them, cat's don't typically like to share their toilets.
Step Three:
Spray. Have a squirt bottle ready for their first nose to nose introduction. If things get out of hand, squirt the water at them. Cats aren't real fond of water and a squirt gives them something else to think about hating (other then each other).

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A little patience and lots of love. It may seem like the spit will never stop flying, but tincture of time solves most issues. Or just get a dog!
Tata for now.....