Sunday, June 9, 2013

May I

May has come and gone.... 
My sister graduated from the university.... I wasn't invited. No dogs! (remember when I snuck in and slept in the dorm....)

My mom and my sister left for Colorado right after that.... no dogs allowed! 
They went on a road trip, I missed my mom so much.... my other sister showed me pictures on Facebook as they traveled across the country... my sister sent my mom pictures of me waiting at the top of the driveway for her to return.....

May has been a sad month.... my mom was gone a lot for other reasons also. The only thing that has gotten me through is my family knows that as long as I get LOTS of exercise I can survive.

We said goodbye to an old friend.... Scratchy was hit by a car at our new house. The driver never stopped and Scratch somehow managed to get home and lay on our door mat. Dad rushed him to S.A.V.E.S. but his chest was so injured..... I think I am starting to understand what it means by the saying "my heart is breaking".

Another old friend Bailey passed away.... she never really liked me but I thought she was beautiful (even when she barked at me nonstop).

My mom misses my sister so much, and Scratch.... luckily she has me and I know what she needs. Long walks in the country, my head in her lap when she is trying to work, a kiss in the morning before she opens her eyes..... she needs to stay busy until her heart mends and she can just remember great times we have all had together, and it won't hurt as much.

tata for now