Monday, September 30, 2013

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Summer has come and gone. September and even October will give us glimpses of those carefree days, but face it.... time to grow my winter coat.

Soon we will be relishing in the holidays. For some of us it is a time to give back, to share in good fortune.

Each day I am reminded of what a lucky dog I am. I do spend a lot of time under my mom's desk at SAVES, in Lebanon, NH., but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

The hard part for me is watching the staff struggle with injured and ill patients, with families that can not afford their care. SAVES has some pretty incredible programs to help with economic hardship, community contacts, and rescue connections. But unfortunately it isn't enough.

With more and more local veterinary hospitals referring their hard luck cases to SAVES, we are constantly struggling to make the program work.

Why do other hospitals refer these patients to us?

Because they know SAVES is a compassionate group, we love pets and have taken the time to create some pretty incredible programs for these silent victims. They know we have incredible staff willing to explore every avenue, to leave no rock unturned. Sometimes it isn't enough. SAVES contributes hundreds of staff hours and procedures each year to help. But we can only do so much before we are in financial hardship ourselves.

So what happens if your pet is suddenly injured or ill and you have only enough money to buy groceries for your family? Hard choices must be made.

At SAVES we look at all your options.

We can help you qualify for a short term credit card called CareCredit. This unfortunately only works if you have a good credit history.

Sometimes we can set you up for a short term loan, this requires a 50% down payment. Regular payments are then collected each week directly from your bank account. This only works if you have the required percentage as a down payment.

The Brutus Fund- this fund is a rotating pool that if an applicant is eligible, they can borrow from until they are more financially stable again. The idea is the recipient repays the fund when times are better. Only owners that meet strict criteria are eligible for this fund. This fund is only available as long as there is cash in it.

Emergency and critical care can be extremely costly. We understand that not everyone can take on such unexpected costs. Our funding is very fragile. We need a constant replenishment in order to keep the fund viable. We rely on donations for this program.

Each week we will showcase the patients that have benefited from this fund. Visit our Facebook page
The Brutus Fund and witness how this fund is helping your neighbors. All of us can help these silent victims in our community. Thank you to everyone that has already donated to this incredible cause!