Thursday, November 21, 2013

Being Thankful

Lebanon, NH., Norwich VT., your Upper Valley veterinarian

I hope everyone has something to be thankful for…. for me I am thankful for chipmunks that run.. warm sunshine naps…. the snacks in my mom's glovebox that she shares every time she comes out of the grocery store….tennis balls… friends in the park… breakfasts and dinners…. my little pink bed by the wood stove…. my dad who always knows how to make me feel better…. my sisters and brothers and all their weird little ways…. and most, most, most importantly…. my mom!!!

Thanksgiving is a quiet time at our house. Relatives are far away, and this year even one of my sisters is toooo far to travel. Last year my family spent 24 hours at SAVES to give the veterinary team a holiday of rest. So many wonderful people brought in so many yummy dinners for us! We have the best pets and their people around.

Please keep us safe. During the holidays there are so many different dangers. With all of the excitement, sometimes it is harder to keep track of us.

With the coming and goings…. be careful we don't accidental dart out. Sometimes it is better to put us in our own space, commotion in the house can make us REALLY stressed. We try very hard not to show you but trust me…. stressful!

That turkey carcass…. deadly! Remember also the strings you use to tie the legs….. cats love string soaked in bird juices…. this leads to a linear foreign body risk…… very dangerous and life threatening.

Candles….. pets love to investigate…. burned faces and tipped over fire hazards.

Food. So many yummy morsels! Don't forget… many of the things you people like to eat are extremely dangerous to us. Onions, grapes, raisins and garlic…. dark chocolate (the darker the more dangerous) and remember xylitol, that common sweetener is deadly to us (Xylitol Poisoning). Keep our treats around so that we don't feel left out, but don't overdo it, to many of a good thing turns bad quickly.

Holiday decorations can be so tempting to chew. Visit the ASPCA Poison Center for a very comprehensive list of poisonous plants. Pinecones and needles can be fun to play with, if (and when for many of us) swallowed they can cause intestinal blockages….. ugggggg

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and best of all remember, S.A.V.E.S. is open 24 hours a day, everyday! We are always here if you and your pet need us, always!

Happy Thanksgiving and Tata for now.